A Guide to Numerology

Numerology is an alternative belief in the mystical or divine relationship between an object and one or several coinciding points. It’s also the study of the number, numerical values of objects, names, words, and concepts. Often it’s associated with the psychic, along with astrology and other divinatory sciences. It differs from astrology mainly in that its beliefs are not dependent on a certain date and are not dominated by a particular School. However, many modern people who dabble in numerology are surprised by what they find out.

The subject of numerology has been around for centuries. Its roots can be traced back to Babylonian astrology. Babylonian astrology has been dated back to roughly 1500 BC. In these years, astronomy was growing as a significant part of daily life, and astrologers became increasingly important. Some of them were priest and philosopher experts. One of these experts was mathematics professor Babylonius of Babylon, who may have used divination practices himself.

The Babylonian system was based on connecting specific numbers to different characteristics. The numbers and their meaning were closely connected to astrological dates. Over the centuries, this knowledge was passed down through religious teachings, from the Catholic Church to the Eastern Orthodox Church, to eventually shape modern numerology today.

In this system, numerology determines your exact birth date and assign you a number. Your exact birth date is essentially the date of your birth, including leap year if any. Your zodiac sign (a personal identifier) is determined by your natal date. Your personal identity number, which is your birth number plus the seven digits following it, uniquely identifies you.

Numerology uses numbers to determine the position of planets and stars, to predict your soul urge and even to make predictions about your marital status and possibly even your life span. For example, if your natal sign is Aries, you are expected to live for about seventy years. If you are born on February 14, your zodiac sign is Leo. Your numbers then will show that your soul urge is Libra. If your numbers indicate that you are married, your soul urge will be Capricorn.

This science of calculating relationships between people has many applications in our day and age. As you can see, there are many reasons that one would want to use a master number to calculate relationships. Most importantly, it is possible to do this online. You do not have to attend a live class to learn how to calculate your soul urge and numerology. It all can be done online!

One can do the calculations using just their birth dates, their time at birth, birthday and even anniversary dates. These days, even the most avid fans of astrology have at least considered learning how to do the same with numbers. While astrology books are still available, online books have revolutionized the industry. They have made it possible for anyone to learn how to do all sorts of things such as the calculation of dates using dates found in horoscopes, the calculation of birthdays and even calculate the numbers of digits used in Chinese astrology. The whole process is very easy.

To a professional numerologist, the process is relatively easy. He or she will not only be able to do the job using his or her full name but also with a middle name. With these skills and with a full name, it becomes easy for the numerologist to predict the outcome of any given event or person. In fact, most professional numerologists do not even bother to explain the process in full detail, as they will be confident that their client fully understands what they are trying to achieve. The client can then decide whether or not he or she wants to pursue the numerology services that are offered.

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