In Review... November 16, 2018

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As Thanksgiving approaches, some of our reviewers are taking today to share reviews for books we’re thankful for, on “In Review” .


Kristy Cambron’s books always seem to find a way to sneak into the unexpected places of my heart and speak to the very depths of my soul. Kristy was one of my favorite authors long before I ever cracked the pages open on one of her books. Her heart for God and her heart for her readers has moved me and changed my perspective on life on more than one occasion. Her stories are filled with passion, faith, and love that is not only believable, but it is also tangible. The Lost Castle is her most recent release, and as of right now, my favorite of her stories. As I sit here just thinking about this story, I am moved to tears. That is how profoundly I was touched by her book. I am grateful to Kristy for writing from her heart, for writing the words God has given to her, and for sharing them with the world.

Gold Star Review

Inspirational Romance/Time-Slip
Kristy Cambron
Series: A Lost Castle Novel #1

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A Time-Slip romance that will touch the depths of the soul. Three courageous women, three swoon-worthy heroes, and a castle that binds them all together. Travel through history to discover their connection in this story of courage, love, passion, and faith. Readers will be entranced by the beautiful imagery and storyline found on these pages. Cambron’s words breathe new life into her readers. A story that will change your life, The Lost Castle is one that shouldn’t be missed. (THOMAS NELSON, Feb 2018, 384 pp., $15.99)

Reviewer: Rachel Dixon



I am so grateful for the stories that Amy Clipston brings to us, and even as I enjoy each new release from her, my favorite has been and remains The Beloved Hope Chest, which closes out her Amish Heirloom series. Each book before shared hints of what was to come in this tale about a mother who is steadfast and wise for the daughters who are the focus of the first three books, leaving readers like me waiting and wanting to know more about her life before her girls. It is always easy for us to think of our parents and grandparents as those who fulfill specific roles in our own lives, without thinking of them of individuals with lives of their own, lives that (believe it or not!) were full of life and emotion long before we came into the world. This story is a reminder of that, and also of the power of deep friendship, devotion, and patience as we await God’s plans for us to unravel.

Bookmarked Review

Amish Romance
Amy Clipston
Series: An Amish Heirloom #4


Mattie’s story is truly a journey of joy triumphing through tragedy, of love hoped for and found, and of children raised in the light of a great, unexpected love. The three books leading up to the final story, of a mother with a past she has never felt necessary to disclose to her daughters but now, as they are grown and creating new families with their own husbands, she agrees to satisfy their curiosity and share her story. Clipston outdoes herself in this novel, with a heroine who suffers through heartbreak realistically and a hero who will wait for her forever, satisfying readers who long for romance that remains believable and a hard-won but happy ending that reassures and inspires. (ZONDERVAN, May 2017, 320 pp., $15.99)

Reviewer: Kerry Sutherland



Thanksgiving is upon us and I’m extremely grateful for many things. One thing I’m especially grateful for are the many great stories from many great writers. In Christian Fiction, I find the solace, the comfort and many times the right message at just the right time. On top of all that, there are those stories that provide the perfect laughing storm to give me joy. Author Jen Turano’s books never failed to put a smile on my face, or had more chuckling, and at times, laughing so hard, tears developed as well as an aching soreness on both my cheeks and my tummy. When all else fails, isn’t laughter the best remedy? As my favorite book of hers to date, this second book in “A Class of Their Own” series embodies a lot of what you’ll find in the author’s other books, great characters, great story and a good message.

Gold Star Review

Historical Fiction
Jen Turano
Series: A Class of Their Own #2

in good company.jpg

A delightful story of misfits and opposites, bookworms and social decorum, Jen Turano’s In Good Company will entertain readers for many years to come. Readers find a kindred spirit in Millie Longfellow with her heart of gold, yet misunderstood intentions. A bookworm in the truest form, her dedication to learning a word a day mixed in with her mispresented antics to be the best nanny society has known, Millie deserves a special place in every reader’s heart. Add in a stuffy gentleman with three rambunctious wards, and a series of unfortunately hilarious events will knock readers off their seat in laughter. With humor, a bit of suspense, great characters and just the right amount of faith, In Good Company is good company to keep. (BETHANY HOUSE, June 2015, 352 pp., $15.00)

Reviewer: Annie Sturt


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