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Happy FRI-YAY! Can you believe how close we are to Christmas? Less than two weeks!! Enjoy these books while you take a break this weekend from shopping :)

Inspirational Historical/Western Romance
Janalyn Voigt
SERIES: Montana Gold #3

Benjy and the Belsnickel.jpg

Voigt continues her Montana Gold series with Con Walsh’s story, picking up a thread from the previous book and giving this layered hero his time to shine. Several storylines - which at first seem only tangentially related - converge on this Gold Rush setting, adding dimension to both the characters and the plot and keeping reader interest engaged from beginning to end. For her own part, Elsa Meier may be the most compelling heroine introduced so far in this series (which is saying a lot considering how engaging the previous two have been) - with grace and grit in abundance. Fabulous romantic chemistry, heart-in-your-throat adventure, and the promise of more to come make this a must-read for historical/western romance fans! (MOUNTAIN BROOK INK, Dec., 294 pp., $12.99)

Reviewer: Carrie Schmidt


Gold Star Review

Inspirational Historical Fiction/Romance
Laura Frantz

holiday amnesia.jpg

Frantz brings the Scottish Highlands to life in her newest historical fiction release. From exploring Scottish castles to being sent to Jamaica and on to colonial America, readers are treated to swoon-worthy romance and action-packed scenes full of adventure. Within these pages, a childhood friendship blossoms into a sweeping love story despite the difference in social class between Lark and Magnus – he, a landowner, and she, an herbalist and keeper of his bees. As with all of Frantz’s novels, her attention to research is flawless, filling the pages with breathtaking scenery, braided in biblical truths that will speak encouragement to reader hearts. A must read for historical romance fans. (REVELL, Jan., 400 pp., $15.99)

Reviewer: Andi Tubbs


Bookmarked Review

Inspirational Historical Fiction/Romance
Tamera Alexander
SERIES: Carnton #1

with this pledge.jpg

There are certain events and heroic acts over the course of time which ought to be preserved in the memory of our collective history and Alexander honors Civil War Carnton’s residents and those they encountered with her grace, craft, and class. The atmosphere of turmoil, grief, and strife is palpable, yet the everyday living of life moves forward despite extraordinarily tragic circumstances. The author treats each historical and fictional character with reverent respect and maintains a sense of authenticity and raw humanity throughout. The bravery and sacrifice, courage and boldness embodied by this story will stir the reader’s pride in and compassion for mankind. This story of hope amidst tragedy is a must-read for fans of well-researched historical fiction and heartwarming silver linings. (THOMAS NELSON, Jan., 448 pp., $16.99)

Reviewer: Beth Erin


Inspirational Self-Help/Marriage
LOVE TALK: Speak Each Other’s Language Like You Never Have Before
Drs. Les & Leslie Parrott

love talk.jpg

In their three-part newly revised and updated text, Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott, unpack the foundational reasons why communication is the lifeblood of any marriage and how each partner’s unique fears can hinder them from speaking the truth in love. The coauthors provide readers much in the way of personal examples from their own relationship, thus successfully encouraging others to keep at the task of “love talk” and making the authors’ advice so very relatable. Christians will value not only this jam-packed primer on all things communication related but will especially appreciate the Parrotts zeroing in on special challenges such as being married to a silent partner (including when silence is the best communication tool). Love Talk is just what the doctor(s) ordered for a happy, fulfilling marriage. (ZONDERVAN, Jan., 176 pp., $16.99)

Reviewer: Michele Howe


Inspirational Contemporary Romance
Patricia Johns
SERIES: Montana Twins #1

her cowboys twin blessings cover.jpg

Patricia Johns shows love and respect for the Montana land and people while sharing some of the dangers and hardships of daily life in her latest release. Country cowboy Casey Courtright and citified Ember Reed want the same ranch land for very different reasons. In exchange for Casey showing her the area, Ember agrees to help with the twin baby boys Casey is now caring for, not realizing it would scratch at old wounds. Both Casey and Ember will have to learn that compromise is sometimes the best choice and letting go of one dream opens the door to a bigger and better one - one that is God-ordained. That adorable cover and heart-melting cowboy-plus-babies plot will leave readers swooning for sure! (LOVE INSPIRED, Dec., 224 pp., $5.99)

Reviewer: Suzie Waltner


There’s faith in God to answer our prayers,” Bert said, “and then there’s faith in God when He gives us the unexpected.
— Her Cowboy's Twin Blessings

Inspirational Contemporary Fiction
Davis Bunn
SERIES: Miramar Bay #3

moondust lake.jpg

In the third book of Bunn’s Miramar Bay series, dysfunction takes a nasty turn in one family. Because of this, it’s not always a comfortable read. However, readers will be intrigued to discover, along with Buddy, the past his father never wanted him to learn. Buddy Helm and Kimberly Sturgiss, the church psychotherapist, work together to uncover the past as they prepare for the biggest struggle of their lives. Readers will enjoy getting to know Buddy; through all the anguish he has to endure, he is true to himself and wants to do the right thing. Fans of Nicholas Sparks and Kate Morton will enjoy this series. (KENSINGTON, Jan., 300 pp., $21.95)

Reviewer: Patsy Glans


Inspirational Non-Fiction/Christian Living
TASTE AND SEE: Discovering God Among Butchers, Bakers, & Fresh Food Makers

Margaret Feinberg

A Cowboy in Shepherds Crossing by Ruth Logan Herne.jpg

Readers will embark on a culinary journey with popular speaker and author Margaret Feinberg’s latest release. Informative and surprisingly profound for what one may think is just a book about food, readers will experience the basic, yet essential, parts of how and what food brings to the table, both physically and spiritually. God is not only a foodie, but purposefully created and provided food for the world to taste and see His goodness. Taste and See will stir in readers a hunger for fellowship, God’s divine Word and actual food with biblical references, personal thoughts and easy recipes to enjoy. (ZONDERVAN, Jan., 192 pp., $16.99)

Reviewer: Annie Sturt


Food really is God’s love made delicious, nutritious, and restorative. But we must learn to slow down and savor the delicate flavors and divine lessons.
— Taste & See

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