Tackle Reading - A Guest Post from Kathryn Starke

Tackle Reading: A Book & Movement to promote a love of literacy with a passion for football-a partnership supported by the NFL! 


Kathryn Starke, national urban literacy consultant and author, wrote Tackle Reading, a popular reading resource published by Creative Minds Publications. The book has motivational tips, engaging activities, and inspirational stories written by 45 contributing writers including NFL athletes. It’s used in teacher book clubs and PD across the country and nominated for the book list of Books Every Teacher Should Read.

To bring the book to life for children, Starke partnered with fellow literacy leader and author Michelle Staubach Grimes to kick off the annual Tackle Reading day, held each March to celebrate Read Across America and national reading month. NFL athletes coast to coast spend the day reading to their local elementary schools. Thanks to corporate sponsorship and charitable giving, we are able to donate children’s books to classrooms across the country on this special day.

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Tackle Reading “180”-a reading model to help schools achieve literacy success any time of the school year


How Anyone Can Participate in Tackle Reading Day:

1-Any school across the country can participate on #TackleReading day (next date: March 1, 2019) by implementing any of the ideas (football themed books, cooking, etc.)  from this link.

2-Any NFL athlete can join our team to serve as a guest reader by contacting the Community Relations department of your NFL team or emailing Kathryn Starke, founder of Tackle Reading, at info@creativemindspublications.com

3-Any individual, business, or organization can sponsor a #TackleReading event in a local school of your choice and help give the gift of reading and books to children and classrooms.

4-Note: Tackle Reading assemblies, teacher PD, book club discounts, and family or community literacy events are available all year long at a discounted cost when using the code word: #TackleReading. Email info@creativemindspublications.com to inquire and book for your school.