A Few of My Favorite Reads with Rebecca Maney

Happy Tuesday! At Hope By the Book we are trying out some new regular features here on the website, and today’s guest - avid reader Rebecca Maney - is kicking off our “A Few of My Favorite Reads” feature!

A Few – Emphasis on Few - of My Favorite Reads

by Rebecca Maney

Does anyone else have a brain that insists on processing information with pictures? Any topic, any time, any place? Mine does. So, when picturing my favorite reads, imagine a plush fireside chair blanketed with my Dallas Cowboys throw (I just had to say that); a cup of steaming hot chocolate just a blind reach away. Cozy. Comfortable. Captivating.

What sort of books fit into this idyllic scene? The ones that are read over and over and over again . . . just because. The ones that I run to when I want to hear the conversations of trusted friends, the ones I slip into without uttering a word or making a sound. They beckon me.

They are . . .


Remembered by Tamera Alexander

Oh my! The witty banter between Jack and Veronique should be written into a textbook. They argue uncontrollably and love unconditionally.

sweetwater gap.jpg

Sweetwater Gap by Denise Hunter

Not only do I smell those mountain apples ripe and ready for the picking, but I let the story nourish my soul, reminding me that life is precious and forgiveness is offered generously by the author of life everlasting.

The Prayer Box by Lisa Wingate

Above all that we can ask or think, His eye is truly on the sparrow . . . prayer is more powerful than a mighty ocean wave. Why do we forget that?

the pursuit of tamsen littlejohn.jpg

The Pursuit of Tamsen Littlejohn by Lori Benton

Maybe it is because I grew up traipsing along mountain trails (having a father who was a Boy Scout leader will do that to you), but my five senses immediately engaged in this story; the sights, sounds, smells, tastes and even gentle touches combined to convey the desperation of survival and the magnificence of miracles.

undeniably yours.jpg

Undeniably Yours by Becky Wade

Who doesn’t crave a good love story now and then between two unlikelies, perfectly imperfect for each other until it’s all on the line? Meg and Bo are two of my forever friends.


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Rebecca Maney is a graduate of Bryan College with a degree in Christian Education, and is currently serving at the First Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church in Gastonia, North Carolina as the Director of Children's Ministry. With nearly 28 years of experience in her field, she has had many opportunities to use her love of reading and writing in creative ways across the generations. A wife, mother of four "nearly" grown children, and grandmother to four beautiful grandchildren, Rebecca has been able to return to her love of reading and more recently reviewing, with a renewed passion for the "beauty of story".

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