The Beginner’s Guide to Numerology: Everything You Need to Know

Numerology is the study of how numbers, combinations, and symbols have a direct effect on your life. You will be surprised to learn about all of the hidden meanings behind the numbers you encounter in your daily life. In the following guide, we will briefly introduce numerology, get you started by showing you how to analyze your unique date of birth, and lastly how to calculate your life path and destiny numbers. After reading this article you should have a general understanding of what numerology is and how to start applying it to your life.

Section 1: Introduction to numerology

Who invented numerology and how did they do it? Numbers have always been used in many different cultures as an indirect means of communication, so it is no surprise to you that numerology is based on numerology. The Royal Institute of Numerology was established in 1763 to aid people in understanding numerology and the way it works. Today the Institute’s mission is still to encourage people to use numerology in order to find solutions to their problems. The founder of the Institute, known as the “Father of Numerology”, is none other than the French mathematician, naturalist, astronomer, and philosopher Jean-Baptiste Denis. Denis believed that numbers have the ability to influence human behavior and their actions, as well as their mental state.

The significance of numbers and symbols

Many of us find it very easy to think analytically and in numeric terms. Even with simple arithmetic, you will be able to quickly calculate almost any fact. You can quickly divide a number to find its percentage and you can easily calculate the heights of the figures in the following table to prove that some knowledge in algebra is not that hard. However, when it comes to numbers we often make the mistake of relying on theoretical knowledge when it comes to applying this knowledge in real-life situations. We can forget that we are dealing with a number that in some cases only represents a fraction of the reality we live in. We can easily calculate the ratios of 0.00001 to 0.

Getting started with your date of birth

First, let’s get one thing straight, numerology is not for everyone. If you believe in God or have faith in some higher being, then this may not be the right path for you. Nevertheless, many people believe that the process of figuring out your life path is for everyone, even if they don’t know what their life path numbers are. First, let’s take a look at your date of birth, as well as its numerical value. The number of the date of birth determines your position on a particular life path. For example, a date of birth of 1/1/1900 will be associated with the numbers 1-8. Knowing your date of birth and your numerical value is vital in order to apply numerology to your life. However, the easiest way to find your birthdate is to ask your parents. Usually, they will know it by heart.

Calculating your life path and destiny numbers (optional)

Your life path and destiny numbers are the numbers you will find in the chart below. Your number refers to the sum of all of your birth numbers and the number that will occur for you in the chart. Below is the chart for one’s birthday in the month of January: Using your birth date, if you would like to calculate your life path number, simply subtract your birth date from 114.1. If you got a 1-4, then your life path number is 1. If you got a 2-5, then your life path number is 2. If you got a 5-8, then your life path number is 3. If you got a 9-11, then your life path number is 4. And so on. If you would like to calculate your destiny number, just add your birthdate to 115.1. Then if your life path number is 1, then the number on your destiny chart is 2. So the destiny number is 3.


In this article, we are going to introduce some basic knowledge about numerology and how it affects the world of numbers and symbols. While numerology is used a lot in ancient religions it can also be applied to the modern world if you are know-how. This might sound strange at first but the truth is numerology is actually a huge part of your life if you want to make the most out of it. Numerology can also be a great tool for self-development and the practice of energy healing. This is why it’s best to stay open-minded and be ready to try things out when you’re trying to improve your life and your career. Now that you have a basic understanding of numerology it’s time to get started. Take this article as a starting point to start your journey towards realizing your dreams.

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